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Not taking on any new work at the moment

Due to family circumstances I am not taking on any new repair work at this time.

Restoration of Tag Heuer Movement. Rusted solid. Valjoux 7730 7733

As you can see from the pictures, this one was rusted solid.

I stripped the watch down and identified the required replacement parts. Extensive work was done to remove rust from the parts which could not be replaced.

Once the work was complete the watch is keeping time to within 10 seconds per day. Read more

Maurice Lacroix Repair. New Movement. Video.

This video shows how a repaired a faulty Maurice Lacroix watch by replacing the malfunctioned movement with a new one.

This watch uses the ETA 251.262 movement which you will typically find in high grade quartz chronograph watches. For example: Tag Heuer, Breitling Colt. and in this case, Maurice Lacroix.

This movement utilises a 1.5v silver oxcide battery, has a calendar mechanism, an off centre seconds hand and the chronograph sports split seconds, seconds, minutes, and hour recording for up to 12 hours.

This video is hosted on YouTube and you can see all of my YouTube videos by visiting my YouTube channel.

Vintage Rolex Repair. Fitting a new balance staff video.

This video shows how I replaced a broken balance staff on this vintage Rolex watch.

The old balance staff had a broken bottom pivot, preventing the watch from functioning. The watch was fully stripped, the repair carried out to the balance, and then cleaned and then re-assembled with correct lubrication.

This video is hosted on YouTube and you can see all of my YouTube videos by visiting my YouTube channel.